Trans Day of Remembrance vigil held in Bristo Square 

CW: trans and non-binary discrimination, murder, suicide Friday the 19th of November marked Transgender Day of Remembrance when the lives of those lost to transphobic discrimination and violence were honoured.  The University of Edinburgh’s Trans and Non-Binary Campaign along with other University-based queer groups joined together to host a vigil in Bristo Square to remember […]


Reflecting on Trans Awareness Week and Day of Remembrance

CW: transphobic violence, anti-Black police brutality, suicide Last week was Trans Awareness Week, ending with a solemn Friday that was Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR).  As it coincided with Shabbat, I attended a TDoR Jewish service held online for trans Jews across the UK, along with one of the university’s TDoR events earlier on in […]