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Review: Both Sides of the Blade

Both Sides of the Blade begins with a brief scene of romantic bliss. Sara and Jean (played by veterans Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon respectively) are enjoying a passionate tryst together by the sea, with the camera weaving around them in the water to capture the intensity of the moment. Inevitably given the original French […]

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EIFF 2022: Resurrection Review

Resurrection, a slick new thriller from second-time writer-director Andrew Semans, wastes no time in establishing its protagonist and its stakes. Rebecca Hall plays Margaret, a businesswoman at a biotech company. She lives in a fancy apartment, listens to classical music, goes for intense runs after work and invites a married colleague over for sex when […]


When will women ever feel safe to walk anywhere alone?

CW: gender-based violence, sexual harassment If you identify as female, then I know I speak for us all when I say that Sarah Everard’s tragic case has devastated me. I have felt a whole cocktail of emotions – from anger to fear and despair – but, sadly, I didn’t feel surprised by the news. Because […]

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How to help a friend who is dealing with mental health issues

Content warning: discussion of mental health and suicide.  A common (and often exasperated) response to the questions ‘Are you ok’ or ‘How are you’ is ‘I’m fine’. Indeed, for many people, this really reflects how they feel. However, for a good number of others, it masks a whole accumulation of unspoken thoughts and feelings which […]

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Personal experience: speaking out is integral to the healing process

Content Warning: Discussion of Rape It was not until I read an article by The Blurt Foundation that I recognised it was valid, or at least not entirely unusual, to use sex as a form of self-harm, and not since then that I recognised that that was primarily how I was coping with my assault. […]


Tabula Rasa

Based around the music of Arvo Pärt, and how it has become important for those suffering with a terminal illness, Tabula Rasa centres around a woman’s loss of her friend, Peter, who died of cancer. This production is masterfully shaped to create a world of opposites: black and white, living and dying, words and music. […]