Musings on the lecture strikes: who gets the short straw?

As students ready themselves for the upcoming UCU lecture strikes on 25 November, it is very easy to believe that we are receiving the short straw in all of this. A large percentage of students here pay a significant amount for their tuition fees, while an even larger number pay a budget blowing price just […]


Reflections on David Hume Tower’s Zero-Waste Corner

This week the University of Edinburgh launched the well awaited for ‘Zero Waste corner’ in the David Hume tower shop on campus. The shops and cafés in university buildings have already been operating with environmentally sustainable practices for years; encouraging students to bring their own take away mugs, selling only fair-trade labeled food, and limiting […]


Still “Paying for their privilege”

                One of the world’s oldest debating clubs has been given six months to admit women members and open its doors to the public, a two-page review by the University of Edinburgh has concluded. The Speculative Society, known as the “Spec” to its invited members, has held black-tie […]