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EIBF 2022: Simon Woolley: Shaking Up the Establishment Review

Simon Woolley’s 2022 book, SOAR: My Journey from Council Estate to the House of Lords tells the success story of Lord Simon Woolley, Baron of Woodford. SOAR is more than a “rags to riches” story, his determination to not only benefit himself but also encourage the achievements of other Black people from deprived areas. Chaired […]


Oxbridge student groups immune from free speech laws

Oxbridge students are immune from the legal restrictions imposed by the government’s Higher Education Freedom of Speech bill.   This has led to mass frustration with Labour MPs protesting that this kind of treatment created a two-tier system across UK universities.  The bill has been introduced to “make provision in relation to freedom of speech and […]


The hidden agendas behind research funding

In March of last year it was revealed that, of the £290,000 donations to the Princess Dashkova Russian Centre in the University of Edinburgh, over £250,000 was given by the Kremlin linked Russkiy Mir Foundation (RMF). This revelation shocked many, worried about the potential influence the RMF, and thus the Kremlin, may now hold over […]

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Vaccinating against falsehood to revive fact

“Denzel Washington and Pope Francis endorse Donald Trump”; “Leaving the EU would lead to a 350 million pound bonus for the NHS”. Which of these was real? Both were proven to be fake. But at the time the stories broke, many people believed them to be true. With the rise of fake news circulating on […]