“Wages for Housework”: Silvia Federici and the value of domestic work

In the 1970s, feminists in the United States and Europe founded the “Wages for Housework” movement, challenging society’s view on the value of domestic labour and demanding a recognition of the work that was mostly performed by women. Today, in 2021, after relying on essential health and care workers for over a year, the value […]


Unpaid labour: exploitation of tutorial leaders at the University of Edinburgh

Tutorial leaders are inadequately paid, overworked and under-supported according to data uncovered in an investigation by The Student. Though integral to the academic lives of the 25,951 undergraduates at the university, tutorial leaders are systematically exploited; the university fails to adequately pay their tutors for the amount of work that they are performing, grossly underestimating […]


Unpaid internships are exploiting students

It is the Government’s responsibility to change the law on internship wages The Student’s discovery this week that Edinburgh business Casa Morada had been advertising several six-month unpaid ‘internships’ may seem unsurprising to many. With every summer holiday, there is news of another company attempting to entice students with glossy-sounding internships that pay only in […]