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Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies

Fuelled by cocaine, comedy and a Charli XCX soundtrack, Bodies Bodies Bodies makes an unlikely slasher. As a strange trail of mystery killings unravels one by one at a “hurricane party” in a mansion, a friendship group must figure out who is the murderer before they are next. In its remote, American environment, it feels […]

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In Defence Of: Practical Magic

CW: domestic abuse, violence Every September, as soon as jumper weather arrives and the leaves start changing colour, I welcome in the Autumn by watching Practical Magic. It’s a perfect seasonal film, featuring witches, idyllic New England landscapes, and a soundtrack full of Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell. What’s not to love? A lot, according […]

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EIFF 2022: Funny Pages Review

The most immediate sensation you get when you start watching Funny Pages is revulsion. And that is completely intentional. From start to finish, the film is pervaded with a sense of gross-ness that is perfectly captured and conveyed to the audience with squirm-inducing results. This atmosphere – which encompasses every aspect of the filmmaking, from […]

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EIFF 2022: Resurrection Review

Resurrection, a slick new thriller from second-time writer-director Andrew Semans, wastes no time in establishing its protagonist and its stakes. Rebecca Hall plays Margaret, a businesswoman at a biotech company. She lives in a fancy apartment, listens to classical music, goes for intense runs after work and invites a married colleague over for sex when […]