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Controversial covers: Vice President-elect Kamala Harris poses for Vogue

Vogue’s February issue featuring Vice President-elect Kamala Harris sparked immediate controversy post social media release. The cover intended for the print issue shows Harris in a casual outfit with Converse sneakers, hands clasped in front of her, as she stands in front of a backdrop of fabrics. Criticism poured in pointing out multiple issues. Accusations […]


The risking of the special relationship?

Whilst Joe Biden’s election was met with jovial singing in the streets of New York City, some abstained from partaking in the festivities after it was reported that Biden does not care for the UK’s very own Boris Johnson. Not only could this (albeit, anticipated) revelation risk the UK’s important Special Relationship with the US, […]


The ‘Rainbow Wave’ appears to sweep United States legislature this election

In this year’s United States election, a record number of people from the LGBTQ+ community ran for elected positions in state and local governments, and many of them won.  This points to a gradual move to more diverse political representation and as a result, increasingly inclusive politics. As results of the election are coming in, […]