Confucius Institute for Scotland vandalised

Editors note: This article was submitted for publication on 15th October. The University of Edinburgh has condemned recent vandalism which appeared on signage at the Confucius Institute headquarters as “totally unacceptable”. Signs promoting the Institute at its Abden House Headquarters were defaced with slogans declaring the institute ‘CCPHQ’ (Chinese Communist Party Headquarters), and ‘Tibetan’. The […]

Art Culture

Vandalism: political to personal vendetta

In the past month there has been a surge in reported cases of art vandalism. Some cases have caused permanent damage to the artwork; some were, luckily, repairable. What are the motives behind such acts? Vandalism is a crime that is not new to the art world in any way: the term itself was coined in the wake of political art destruction in the French Revolution of 1789. However, it seems to have evolved in its purpose.