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Gaslighting: how it affects women

CW: assault, rape, emotional abuse If you are a woman, I’m sure at some point in your life you have been told that you are being too dramatic, too emotional, or too sensitive. This kind of language is a part of a society-wide psychological manipulation that frequently targets women, otherwise known as gaslighting.  Gaslighting is […]

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Breaking the silence

CW: sexual assault I still remember the first time my mother told me not to smile too much when taking a walk. Keep your head down, she used to tell me. You don’t want to attract negative attention. A mother of two daughters in a city known for its violence, she was afraid for us. […]


When will women ever feel safe to walk anywhere alone?

CW: gender-based violence, sexual harassment If you identify as female, then I know I speak for us all when I say that Sarah Everard’s tragic case has devastated me. I have felt a whole cocktail of emotions – from anger to fear and despair – but, sadly, I didn’t feel surprised by the news. Because […]


Scarlet letter be damned: it is time to end victim blaming

CW: Domestic violence, sexual violence With the events of this summer and George Floyd’s death still weighing heavily on our minds as we continue to demand change, an inkling of hope is in the air. As a community, we have been striving to be more inclusive, to understand and support one another. Recent events in […]


Lessons of Evans conviction ignored following Johnson arrest

Trigger Warning: Rape  Several months have passed since many were forced to grapple with the nature of consent following convicted rapist Ched Evans’ release from prison. Many hoped that the media furore surrounding Evans’ case would open up a nationwide discussion that ultimately left the population more educated and with increased awareness of the nuances […]