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EIFF 2022: Children of the Mist Review

There is a moment in Diem Ha Lee’s 2021 Documentary Children of the Mist where the camera lingers on a shot of the blossom on a tree for a while, and at that moment a sense of hesitation seems present. The camerawoman seems intent on finding, and staying close to, some mark of beauty amongst what has, […]

Fringe Theatre

Fringe 2022: Leaving Vietnam Review

[The play] highlighted the depth of the personal sacrifice soldiers from all around the world make for their country: whether the war is justifiable or not, their personal sacrifice remains unmatched. 


This Week in History: 16th March 1968 The My Lai Massacre

On 16 March 1968, one of the largest massacres of civilians by United States armed forces occurred in Vietnam. The My Lai Massacre, in South Vietnam, took place during the Vietnam War. In the massacre, the US Army murdered 504 unarmed civilians, including men, women and children. The massacre took place in two hamlets in […]