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Female legends: the revolutionaries of Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood is so often associated with glamour, beauty, gossip, drama and scandals. A quick google search shows a myriad of titles with “the most glamorous” or “the most beautiful” when referring to women of the period. Although the first wave of feminism within film has been stated by professor of film, Martha M. Lauzen, […]

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Fast fashion faux pas – and how to effortlessly avoid them

A lot of the current discourse obsessing over sustainable and ‘eco’ lifestyle choices is exclusive, reflecting an ignorance of the privilege that allows select individuals to make such choices. Not all of us are in a position to go vegan, convert entirely to renewable energy sources, and abandon all plastics – to do so requires endless time and […]


The decline of vintage stores in Edinburgh

Edinburgh used to be world-renowned as a capital for vintage shopping. Since the beginning of World War I, the idea of vintage shopping or reusing something discarded by the previous owner was a way of living. From clothes to furniture during the First World War, most possessions were repaired, mended, or tailored for other family members. […]