Do Violent Shows Raise Violent Children?

Giselle Nascimento Dias explores how violence on TV can have adverse consequences for child development.

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A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange was controversial to say the least when it was published in 1962, with an equally controversial film adaptation from Stanley Kubrick following nine years later. Both were an expression of the ultra-violence associated with the character of the psychopathic young male, set in an almost unrecognisable 1970s dystopia. Burgess […]


Sexual assault on campus is endemic – so why are we ignoring it?

Content warning: Sexual assault, violence, harassment, misogyny. Sexual assault is rife on campus – and we are failing to discuss it. As a student I have watched the short, middle and long-term ramifications of sexual assault unfold, sending shock waves through a person’s life, in the full knowledge that I cannot understand and that any […]


Inappropriate: the politics of language in reporting on serious crime and sexual violence

On Monday 26th October, Edinburgh Evening News published an article which called sexual assault ‘inappropriate’. Inappropriate behaviour is attending a wedding dressed in a Halloween costume, making loud animal noises during a trial, or writing ‘smells’ after another person’s name on a register. To equate sexual assault, or any serious crime, with ‘inappropriate behaviour’ is […]