Pollock freshers fill shoeboxes with essentials for the homeless

As the winter draws in, the weather gets colder and wearing a trench coat becomes less of a statement and more of a necessity one can only imagine the hardships faced by those living rough. Winter is always tough for homeless people and is only made worse by the ongoing Covid-19 situation which this year […]


Centre for Research Collections series: Volunteering at the CRC

Have you been reading this series? Do you feel a rising urge to handle precious items guarded by the Centre for Research Collections (CRC)? Are you sad because you cannot think of a way to incorporate the university’s collections into your studies? Despair not, we have good news for you: the CRC is continuously accepting […]

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How finding a community at university is usually a step we all forget about

Student living. It’s a new phenomenon for first years and a unique phase of one’s life, arguably one where you have the most freedom. For the first time, you can make your own choices. You have control over your finances, you can have that 7th cup of coffee without your mum ranting about the cons […]

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How to be boosting your CV throughout the year

Grades are important but are not always the necessary evidence of the various skills that employers value and often seek. With an increasingly competitive job market, finding ways to stand out from the crowd appears a daunting prospect. There are, however, multiple ways in which you can bolster your CV which can even allow you to […]


Badminton club give back to the community

Over the last year, Edinburgh University Badminton Club has been involved in charity work and volunteering at local events. It has also worked with other badminton clubs, helping with coaching and other related tasks in an attempt to improve lives, whilst also encouraging community participation in the sport. During the month of November, 17 EUBC […]