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Taking a trip to planet brain: exploring consciousness with LSD

Astronauts go on trips to outer space in the name of scientific exploration. Regular people take trips into their consciousness with exactly the same intentions. Or at least, they’re starting to. Although the outlawing of LSD had a massive impact on scientific research on its effects, interest in the potential of psychedelic substances is growing. […]

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How and why the ‘war on drugs’ has been in vain

A recent editorial published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) deemed the so-called ‘war on drugs’ a failure. It was followed by an essay by Molly Meacher and Nick Clegg on policy changes that could challenge current ineffective prohibition laws. Despite the mediatic turmoil the articles have triggered, the arguments they present are simply a matter […]


‘Self-injection rooms’ a pioneering step in the War on Drugs

Glasgow is notorious for its long and complicated history of drug addiction. Once dubbed the UK’s heroin capital, the council have approved its first ‘self-injection room’ for drug users. Proponents of the scheme hope it will help clean up Glasgow’s streets and reduce crime. The war on drugs in Scotland is now over.   Whilst […]

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Book Fest 2015: Mexican Writing, An Insider’s View with Gabriel Orozco

Photo: Enrique Badulescu Tuesday, 18th August Chaired by Gabriel Orozco Panel: Sergio González Rodriguez and Juan Villoro Garden Theatre   2015 is the Year of Mexico in the UK, and the Book Fest is celebrating the occasion with three events covering the entire spectrum of Mexican literature. Prior to this year’s festival, Director Nick Barley […]