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Cult Column: When Harry Met Sally

The leaves are turning brown, and the scarves are coming out to play. You’re back in your flat, freezing under a duvet and what do you decide to watch? Maybe an episode of Gilmore Girls – but you’ve been watching that all week. You can’t watch Harry Potter anymore and Fantastic Mr Fox is too […]

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Autumn Films: What are they and what makes them good?

The time has finally come! The leaves are turning from green to yellow to orange to brown. You can hear the crunch of them under your boots and feel the wind on your face; Autumn has arrived. With the change in weather comes the urge to get comfy under a blanket, sip some hot chocolate […]


Remembering Burns

Today marks the birth of one of the most well-known romantic writers of all time, Robert Burns, or ‘Rabbie’ as he is affectionately known in Scotland. Perhaps romance is not what you would usually associate Burns with, but we only need to look at the end of When Harry met Sally to support this claim. […]