COVAX, and the race to inoculate the world’s poorest citizens

A ratio of 90 to 10 best describes the state of global health: 90% of the worlds pharmaceutical products serve 10% of the world’s population – such a shocking statistic is shown to be true now more than ever.  Wealthier countries like the US and much of Western Europe are swiftly progressing with their vaccine […]


Vaccine nationalism must end

Nationalism has long been an obstacle in the battle against pressing global issues such as climate change, human rights violations and as 2020 has proven; global pandemics. If nations were not so concerned with selfish interests and instead focussed on working towards global cooperation, the 2.06 million worldwide coronavirus deaths could have been averted. However, […]


An update on the new Coronavirus, Covid-19

The University of Edinburgh has issued guidelines to students and staff concerning the global outbreak of the new coronavirus, Covid-19. University authorities have shared travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which states that “all travel to Hubei Province, including Wuhan city,” and “all but essential travel to the rest of Mainland China” should […]

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Yaws, the second disease in the world to be eradicated?

Dr. Oriol Mitja is a young Spanish doctor who, after graduating from the Barcelona Institute of Global Heath and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and following some breakthrough research on the diagnosis and treatment of yaws, set himself the goal of eradicating this disease in his lifetime. If successful, this would be […]

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Zika declared ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’

It has been almost a year since the outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil in May 2015. Since then, the virus has spread throughout South America, becoming a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” according to the World Health Organisation. Additionally, it has been discovered that the virus is even more dangerous than first […]