The charge of the ‘woke brigade’? The case against Jimmy Carr

At the beginning of his latest Netflix special, Jimmy Carr sets out the distinction between his “jokes about terrible things” and the “terrible things” themselves. However, Carr’s show, released at the end of last year, has attracted widespread criticism for using the label “edgy comedy” as a weak excuse to promote less-than-thinly-veiled bigoted attitudes about […]


Friends is still popular, but is it still progressive?

Content warning: references to rape and transphobia  More than 25 years after its first episode aired, Friends is among the few television series where its sustained popularity demonstrates just how well it manages to strike a chord across generations. Yet since its 2018 renaissance – the streaming giant Netflix paid $100 million just to retain […]

Fringe Theatre


After her sell-out performance at the Festival Fringe with Black is the Colour of My Voice, singer and actress Apphia Campbell returns with another story to tell. In Woke, this brilliant performer merges two civil rights stories in a passionate and heart-breaking show with a strong political, but also distinctly human, message. Woke is told […]