Tattoos & Taboos: does it hinder job opportunities?

Tattoos, along with most kinds of body modification, have always been faced with judgement, particularly in westernised society. Tattoos have always been a significant part in historical cultural variations dating back thousands of years, yet they have been seen as a way to define the type of person and worker you are. Oftentimes, these judgements […]

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The Assistant

Content warning: Sexual assault, rape As Harvey Weinstein finally faces spending the rest of his days rotting in a prison cell, the world is still reeling from the revelations that shocked both Hollywood and the world alike and spawned the #MeToo movement. How could this be allowed to happen? How is it that society allows […]

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What happens when victims are “unlikeable”? The 2016 sexual assault allegations against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes unearthed the long-assumed but carefully-guarded toxic workspace of Fox’s right-wing media, with multiple women testifying to their sexual harassment under the chief executive. Such harassment is obviously inexcusable and undeserved by anyone, but there’s an interesting premise in […]