I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “perfect” film. Sam Mendes’ Golden Globe winning 1917, however, comes pretty close.  1917 captures the horror and brutality of World War I in hauntingly beautiful fashion, and with breathtaking effect. 1917 uses a “one shot” format, where different takes are seamlessly meshed to give the […]


Is Remembrance Day glorifying war or is it an important tribute?

Poppies, a tradition instilled into our culture since 1921, is our nations way of remembering the lives lost during the World Wars. Older still is the two-minute silence on the 11 November, originally adopted in 1921. However, a recent motion proposed by Cambridge University’s Conservative Society that aimed to make the commemoration a better- established […]


Red poppies honour those who fought for our freedoms

It was 1945 and the poisonous heart of fascism was unravelling. My grandfather was a member of the regiment tasked with liberating the despairing prisoners at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. As the exhausted men approached the iron gates, guarding the prison from the antidote of tolerance, piles of rotting bodies greeted them. The air was stifled […]