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Review: Munich: The Edge of War

The events of September 1938 at the Munich conference haunt our political culture. ‘Munich’ has become a buzzword synonymous with the appeasement of tyrants – and so has Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister at the time. Widely condemned by posterity for surrendering the Sudetenland (German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia) to Adolf Hitler at the Munich conference […]


Red poppies honour those who fought for our freedoms

It was 1945 and the poisonous heart of fascism was unravelling. My grandfather was a member of the regiment tasked with liberating the despairing prisoners at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. As the exhausted men approached the iron gates, guarding the prison from the antidote of tolerance, piles of rotting bodies greeted them. The air was stifled […]