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Edinburgh set to host ‘Cities of Literature’ Conference

Edinburgh is set to host the UNESCO ‘Cities of Literature’ conference in 2024, marking 20 years since it was named the world’s first City of Literature in 2004 as the founding member. It is a title that was thought up in Edinburgh by members of the City of Literature trust.   Edinburgh was named as a […]


The Accidental Re-birth of the Western Alliance

This article was originally uploaded on the 19th March There are many things Putin probably didn’t anticipate when he mounted his full-scale invasion of Ukraine last month.  One of these is the extent and efficacy of Ukrainian resistance which has turned what he planned would be a swift annexation into a potentially lengthy war of […]


Introducing: Sarah Kane

It has come to my attention that most current artistic media outlets are used primarily to switch off, disconnect, and disassociate from our lives. Television allows us to completely disengage from ourselves, comfortably happy to watch people on television, sitting down for an evening to watch ‘people just do nothing’. Theatre, however, plays by a […]

Fringe Theatre

Improbable Fiction

Edinburgh Theatre Arts’ production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Improbable Fiction, directed by David McCallum, is a heart-warming and unassuming exploration of character and the creative mind. Ayckbourn’s play is written in two very distinct acts. In the first, a group of amateur writers are introduced, coming together for a meeting where they read and critique one […]