In Writing: Podcast Review

Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ How should you edit? How do you come by an agent? How do you deal with bruising feedback? All of these questions and more are answered in this popular podcast Coming across Hattie Crisell’s podcast is one of the greatest things to happen to me during lockdown. I want to share In Writing because […]

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With love from lockdown: how letter writing is this year’s wellness trend

With the silky finish of ink and speckled flecks of gold, the art of letter writing has made a comeback in a big way. Over the past few months reunions have been delayed, and friendships remain far away for many. But as the world becomes accustomed to a new “normal”, maintaining meaningful relationships has been […]


Salutary scribbling

I usually have a certain procedure while writing articles. It’s research, first draft, more research, edit draft, title and submit. This article however made me debunk this routine because writing is such a personal art to me. I kept track of the all of the writing that I do in a day, sans this article […]


False impressions of originality: an original take on being original

You probably hear people complaining a lot that there are no original ideas anymore. Nothing seems new. Hence why Hollywood is inundated with sequels and we still attend the same old music festivals using the same old promotional techniques. To come up with a tangible ‘thing’ that is really new may well be an impossibility. […]


An Interview with: Candlewasters

When discussing Edinburgh’s reputation as a laboratory for experimental drama, most would think of the Fringe Festival, but it does not stop there. Candlewasters, the Edinburgh University Theatre Society’s vehicle for new writing, was founded with the aim of getting new writing onto the stage in Edinburgh, and with three sell-out shows last year, you […]