Never forget: Young people suffered so that old people could live

As we emerge from this nightmare, the sacrifices made by our generation must give way to incomparably more favourable government policy. Yes, I know. Obviously, some young lives were saved by lockdown and of course, it’s not like the elderly haven’t suffered from being locked up. BUT you can’t argue with the crux of it, […]


Losing out on our youth: has the pandemic aged us?

I don’t need to tell you that we are living through unprecedented times. By now, for me as I’m sure it is for many, this way of life almost seems normal – my expectations and hopes dashed so many times that I have resigned from them altogether. Almost one year on, and the virus is […]


Lampard’s liberation of Chelsea FC is a breath of fresh air

Thursday 4th July 2019: Chelsea Football Club’s very own Independence Day. Shackled by a transfer ban and burdened by a disgruntled fan base out of love with Sarri-ball, the powers on the Fulham Road turned to record goal-scorer Frank Lampard, or ‘Super Frankie Lampard’, to give him his full title. There were whispers that this […]


#YouthChange4Climate in Edinburgh, a demonstration attended by thousands

After the climate change demonstrations organised by the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) on February 15, another strike was scheduled for the March 15. Joined by millions across the world,  thousands of Edinburgh schoolchildren gathered. Students from our university were only one group among many primary and high school children as well as other students […]


The scientific cocktail that could bring us closer to eternal youth

The idea of a single pill or potion that lets you live forever may be limited the realm of science fiction, but thanks to medical research and improvements in quality of life humans have never lived longer. Now, with the help of a combination drug treatment, researchers are close to fully understanding the key pathways […]

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Interview with Zak Abel

Zak Abel is a young musician, currently on tour with Kwabs. When I interviewed him, he was walking from room to room at a GP in London to search for an elusive Wifi signal. LGG: So you’ve been on tour with Kwabs for a few shows now, where have you been? ZA: Manchester, Birmingham and […]