Documentary pick- Siberia: The good, the bad and the freezing

When T.S. Eliot said April was the cruellest month, he clearly hadn’t endured a Scottish February- where a badly heated student flat offers little protection from the wind and rain forcing its way through rickety single-glazed windows.  If, like me, you find yourself wistfully craving the summer, I recommend you indulge in a little Schadenfreude […]

Science Technology

RIAA’s YouTube music crackdown: make it make sense

YouTube-DL is a piece of free, open-source software which you can use to download videos from the site. This was unpopular with the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA), which filed a successful takedown notice with GitHub, where the code is stored. They represent the people who create, record, mix and distribute 85 per cent […]


ASMR: what’s it all about?

My love affair with ASMR first began when I started following a ‘Satisfying’ channel on YouTube. Dedicated to all things tingly, this channel featured repeated clips of individuals (or ASMRtists as they are commonly known) tapping their acrylic nails, chewing up close on some sticky honeycomb and squelching slime. From that point on I have […]


Planting the seeds of change

This week Jimmy Donaldson, most widely known by his YouTube handle MrBeast, launched the TeamTrees campaign asking his followers, fellow YouTubers and influencers to donate and help fund the planting of 20 million trees across the globe to celebrate his channel hitting 20 million subscribers. With one tree planted for every dollar donated, the Arbor […]

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The democratisation of storytelling and the rise of the vlog

If there is one internet trend that has taken the digital world by storm in the last few years it has to be vlogging. One step further than blogging, vlogging – or video blogging – gives that extra insight into the creator’s life, giving us, as viewers, the opportunity to form real bonds and loyalties. […]

Culture Literature

Fun Science – An Interview with Charlie McDonnell

YouTube royalty, musician, filmmaker, and now author, Charlie McDonnell (AKA Charlieissocoollike), has spent the last decade with his fingers in many creative pies. I met him after a signing event for his latest project, Fun Science. The genuine excitement in those queuing was palpable; one girl stood by the side long after her book was […]