Fringe Spoken Word Variety

I Can Make You Fail Slightly Less review

Dominic Berry believes in choices. The type of choice you make inspires the consequences that unfold around you. He comes out before the show even begins, he makes small talk and his warmth and kindness envelop all of us in the queue. He gives us paper and asks us to write down our dreams, and […]

Dance Fringe

‘Open, telling, and extremely raw’: Sound Cistem review

Electronic music blaring, two people take the stage, moving in slow motion, lit by disco lights in primary colours. They introduce themselves, explaining that they are transgender, before breaking out into almost an hour of dance; the lights and music mimicking that of a nightclub.  Prior to the show, they had interviewed a range of […]

Fringe Interview

In conversation with Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller, writer and director of Chagos 1971

“‘Some may come for the comedy and find matters of interest in the political detail; others might come to hear more about this obscure yet vital story and stay for the humour.”’  Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller, writer and director, promises a spiking witty and epically political piece of theatre in this interview on his Fringe show Chagos […]