Online work is the future: let’s follow Portugal’s example

Earlier this month, the Portuguese Parliament approved a law creating new protections for remote workers. Companies can now face fines if they contact employees outside of normal working hours, and they cannot monitor their employees while they work from home. In addition, companies must contribute to expenses incurred by the switch to remote work, including […]

Fringe Theatre

Work.txt — Review

Venue: Summerhall online Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Work.txt is an interactive play performed entirely by the audience over a Zoom call, where participants act out parts of the script that are sent to them through the chat function. Everyone is essential in bringing to life this play about (un)essential work and society’s relationship to productivity during these […]

Day in the life Features

A day in the life … of an IR student

I’m deeply envious of 14-year-old me’s ability to spend entire days staring at my computer playing video games, because I’ve been on my laptop for ten consecutive hours today in meetings and I can feel my brain melting. The day started with my first tutorial at 11am. My expectations were pretty low for attendance for […]


Cameras on? ‘Zoom face’ and digital dysmorphia

Social media and the online world in general have long been harbingers of body insecurity, especially for young women. From the unattainable standards of Instagram models and teen TikTok stars to Snapchat filters that alter your entire facial bone structure, we are all striving towards looking more and more like digitally retouched versions of ourselves, […]


The toxicity of Zoom fatigue

With almost a year since the first lockdown, Zoom has officially become part of our daily lives. Naturally, any way to communicate with friends or family in the earliest days of the pandemic led to a rise in popularity for apps like Zoom and Team, while the once popular House Party had a swift demise. […]



⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 4 stars Staged, BBC One’s answer to lockdown one, has now return for a second series which, coincidently, has timed perfectly with lockdown three. What an ideal (and hugely distressing) pattern that is. The successful first season saw Michael Sheen and David Tennant playing slightly staged versions of themselves; that is, […]


93% Club and Tackling Elitism Zoom call interrupted by protestors

A Welcome Week social of two anti-elitism societies was interrupted by a group of unidentified individuals and had to be shut down after one of the hosts of the meeting received a threatening message. The ‘93% Club Edinburgh’ was set up earlier this year to promote access and opportunity for state-educated students at the University […]