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Mark Watson Talks a Bit About Life is a brand new series, where the multi-award winning comedian, Mark Watson, attempts to answer some of the big and important questions that affect our everyday lives. Accompanied by Tim Key and Tom Basden, Watson sets out to explore and examine themes as success, health and beauty and money.

This first episode looks at the theme of ‘success’. Watson and his friends try to answer what ‘success’ is, and in what ways it can be measured. Although they never really reach a conclusion and in fact only scratch the surface of the theme, the show is rather entertaining. Basden strums away on his guitar, singing songs about how his voicemail made him believe the days theme was Sussex, not ‘success’. Meanwhile Key is thinly slicing a Satsuma and reciting poems about how to-do lists make people believe that they are succeeding more than they actually are.

This mixture of stand-up, poetry and song writing suits the men’s interaction perfectly. As they throw harmless insults at each other and Watson tells stories from his everyday life, one can nothing but smile and enjoy the program. Unfortunately, as the title indicates, Mark Watson does talk a bit – no, a lot! – about life, and mainly about his own life. This is a shame, because it pushes the other two into the background and stops the show  answering the question. Instead listeners are exposed to stories from Watson’s life that try to explain the essence of success, but unfortunately fail, since he is more concerned about being funny, than actually bringing substance into his stories.

Although the show is entertaining, I can’t help my self from agreeing with Basden when he sings, “As Mark is at the end of his half hour sloth, we have learnt quite a little, but he has said quite a lot”. I hope for more substance and involvement from the henchmen in the series next episode.

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