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The 1975 nail nostalgia on ‘Me & You Together Song’

ByElla Cockerill

Feb 6, 2020

Four stars.

The 1975’s latest single; ‘Me & You Together Song’ explodes in a flurry of effervescent confetti. It paints a picture of giddy teenage romance swimming in synth and could-have-beens. 

‘Me & You’ is upbeat, maintaining a steady level of energy throughout, but with no particularly memorable peaks or troughs it has the potential to fade into the background, especially when weighed against the other masterpieces exhibited on the album so far. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the entrancingly recursive lyrics are reminiscent of the dream like state created in many a 1975 track. With this album they are expressing every inch of their ability, reaching every corner of their repertoire and this one falls firmly in the familiar.

Like ‘Frail State of Mind’ this track presents the softer side of the 1975, lending itself intrinsically as a contrast to the clamorous ‘People’.  This upcoming album is squaring up to form a narrative with ebb and flow, one illustrating a volatile dialogue between turmoil and nostalgic bliss. 

Image: Izzie Ruffle via Flickr 


By Ella Cockerill

Music Editor