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The Black Keys – Gotta Get Away

ByRobert Anderson

Oct 31, 2014

The Black Keys’ ‘Gotta Get Away’ sees a return to the band’s old blues-rock, “lets-abandon-our-instruments-and-screw-anyone-who-says otherwise” attitude. The track screams Cream-era filth and Beatles-era sing-song, sweet charm. It strikes a pleasing balance between everything we know and love from The Black Keys and something we’ve never heard before. The guitar has a truly 60’s era, vibey charm that seems genuinely authentic, however, perhaps the vocal may seem to fall short on delivering anything that will blow casual fans’ perception of the band. However, perhaps the songs best point is that it proves the twosomes’ innate love of the retro, moving to the 60s this time – showing that the band is not simply stuck in the White Stripe imitating mid-noughties. The Black Keys continue to deliver, however, not with the ear worm force of their more popular tracks. Well worth a listen.

By Robert Anderson


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