The Blue Box: Memories of the Children of War

A UNICEF fundraiser performed by a cast who have all, in some way, been affected by experiences with conflict and displacement, ‘The Blue Box: Memories of the Children of War’ is an emotional journey through experiences which are sadly so very real for so many. The ‘One World Actors Centre CIC’ should be incredibly proud of such a well realised and hard hitting performance.

The cast is, to a great extent, made up of young people and children who have no background in professional theatre. They perform with a maturity and depth which many of their adult contemporaries at this year’s Fringe would struggle to match. Seeing them play out the experiences which are hellishly real for so many of their age across the world is utterly heartbreaking and only drives home the urgent necessity for peace in our time.

In the row in front of me a girl was asking for explanations from her father throughout the play, she was invested in every twist and had a profound empathy for the characters she saw played out before her. This play is deeply educational and really humanizes the experiences of people who are too often reduced to statistics or distorted headlines. Although it might be quite the emotional load, it is really important that the stories of ‘The Blue Box’ reach young people at the Fringe this year, and the play’s language and presentation is easily accessible for all ages.

Touching, tragic and sadly all too relevant ‘The Blue Box: Memories of the Children of War’ is a real achievement.

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