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The Buchanan Institute Project Pitch

ByTia Byer

Dec 9, 2018

On Wednesday 7 November, the Buchanan Institute at the University of Edinburgh held its annual project pitch, covering the policy researched conducted to date and new policy proposals. The Buchanan Institute is a Scotland’s only, and Edinburgh’s first, student-run think tank that aims to radically transform student consultation to the public order. This event allowed members to generate policy proposals to impact political action in the UK and the wider world.

The history of The Buchanan Institute is an impressive one. Founded in 2014, the institute’s policy research to date, and the success found in turning student ideas into action, boasts unprecedented forwarding thinking. A recent proposal on drug decriminalisation was evidenced in a House of Commons debate and the head of the Royal Society of Arts Scotland, Jamie Cooke, accepted the institute’s Universal Basic Income proposal.

The Buchanan Institute makes real changes in the political sphere.

This year’s 2018 pitch certainly did not disappoint. From the wide array of topics and policies proposed, this year’s students demonstrated progressive, thoughtful and insightful engagement with the contemporary world’s most compelling aspects needing revision.

The policy areas addressed ranged from reorganisation of the business model of journalism in light of its recent financial crisis, to reformation of contraceptive education in Scotland, to increasing disabled communities’ access to prosthetic technologies. Also prevalent was concern for refugee treatment within the education sector, and governmental consideration. In total, ten proposals were featured.

Dedication to political engagement was evident. Each student proposed a diligently researched, highly sophisticated, and eloquently performed pitch.

Evidence of the societal awareness within each team was astounding. The Institute’s founding premise that “Everyone […] has something to say about our future and the directions we should take”, was definitely evident in this year’s event.


Image: Tia Byer

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