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The Chemical Brothers’ latest single proves rave isn’t dead

ByJason Woods

Apr 6, 2019

It’s fitting that in the aftermath of legendary UK rave figure Keith Flint’s passing, bigbeat contemporaries The Chemical Brothers released a track worthy of the scene’s glory days.

The difference between the legendary Manchester duo compared with their counterparts has always been their consistency, as they have continuously dropped great releases since the 90s.

Even so, the latest single ‘We’ve Got To Try’ stands high above much of their discography.

A trip-hop inspired vocal sample masks the real energy of this track: a throwback bassline reminiscent of peak “Summer of Love” acid house. As the groove descends into a much darker and more chaotic tone in the last minute, the listener is truly attacked by the energy so synonymous with rave culture.

It’s this delicate balance of refined sound, and staying true to their DIY rave roots, has ensured The Chemical Brothers have maintained a longevity appealing to many audiences. If the single is anything to go by, their upcoming album No Geography should cement their consistent longevity for yet another generation.


Image: Phil and Pam Gradwell via Flickr 

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