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The Cribs – Burning For No One

ByRuairi Mackenzie

Feb 17, 2015

If you’d listened to anything from The Cribs’ last album, In The Belly of The Brazen Bull, expecting an indie banger along the lines of earlier singles “I’m a Realist” or “Men’s Needs”, you would be disappointed and deafened by the dense feedback and grit that has defined their latest work.

However, “Burning For No One” opens with a catchy drumbeat, and chiming, clean guitar. This is arguably the poppiest single they have released since Johnny Marr joined them for an album-long fling in 2008.

This single feels like a distillation of their sizeable discography, with the hooks and melodies of their earliest work married perfectly with the tight songwriting honed with Marr.

For a band that has already released a greatest hits compilation, the best still seems yet to come for The Cribs.

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