• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

The Dry Bar Pop Up in Stockbridge

DRY is a pop-up bar in Stockbridge, open until the end of February and serving a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. It’s located on North West Circus Place and is open until 28th February. Drinks vary from £2.50-£5 and a main meal is £8.

                Aušrinė (5/5)

I am not a person to easily refuse a glass of wine, thus I was intrigued whether DRY will have anything appealing to offer for me, or if the place is lacking of not only the booze, but also the buzz.

The bar offers a wide range of alcohol-free wines, non-alcoholic ciders and beers, many of which can be find in regular bars (although never in such broad selection), but the most intriguing option were the mocktails. While the price of them definitely exceeds student-friendly range, it is not outrageous, and, after taking a few sips of my fantastic black tea, lime and grenadine concoction, I would say it is even worth it – not every week, but maybe once a month or so.

While it seems that DRY is directed to a very specific customer, it definitely has its ways to tempt the alcohol-drinkers as well. Fancy home-mixed soda drinks is a growing trend in Central Europe, but it has yet to come to Edinburgh. DRY’s mocktails could cater for this very specific niche.

               Simon –  5/5

As a teetotal vegetarian who tends not to drink tea or coffee, I occupy quite a niche within the student hospitality demographic. Whilst I’m not at all bothered by hanging out in ‘normal’ bars, there is understandably a prevailing feeling that I am not the target audience. Whilst my friends can choose from a range of interesting drinks I am usually confined to a couple of generic sodas and maybe some lukewarm orange juice.

Having a drinks menu where I can genuinely choose from a range of options feels liberating in an industry where I usually feel marginalised or infantilised. DRY offers a range of mocktails, non-alcoholic beers, sodas, and juices; whilst the bar is not cheap, it’s in line with Stockbridge prices and expected for a good looking bar in the centre of a busy city.

Such an enterprise could very easily have come across as pretentious or cold, but instead the staff are cheerful, chatty and welcoming. The venue has a relaxed and comfy atmosphere, with a range of shabby-chic, contemporary and vintage furnishings.It scores extra points for the several pups that pass through.

Whilst I haven’t the budget for sipping many mocktails several nights a week, it’s a shame that DRY is only going to be a short-lived affair. Spaces which normalise and cater for a diverse range of lifestyle choices are a real boon to the city, and those that take the initiative to create such spaces should really be applauded. DRY is well worth a visit, so pop down before February 28th.



image: Geralt @pixabay

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