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‘A celebration of the everyday’: The End

ByKate Henderson

Aug 23, 2019

The End explores the end of the relationship between two friends, Bert and Nasi, in the wider context of the end of civilisation, the world, and all we know. The performance is given by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas and is a mixture of dance, performance and visuals. 

The play is often very silly, but also oddly poignant and uplifting.  It is quite difficult to categorise this show, but the word ‘play’ suits the piece well – it is indeed a very playful piece of theatre. The first act, or dance, quickly wins over the audience and sets this tone for the rest of the show.

Through movement and text the actors explore a potential future where their characters grow apart. There is very little speech throughout the play, but you are left with a strong sense of the relationship between the protagonists. The play is infectiously silly; the dances – if you can even call them dances – are often ridiculous, but somehow they work well to convey the bond between friends.  The simple format of the production works with the hypnotic movements and rhythms of the dance – timing is almost always perfect, and used to comedic effect.

It is difficult to imagine The End working as well with other actors; part of what makes it a success is the brilliant dynamic between Bert and Nasi.  It would be genuinely sad to see the relationship, as Lesca and Voutsas portray it, end.  

Overall, the great chemistry between the actors makes this play especially successful, given that it centres on their own friendship as they navigate an absurd world. The play comes across as a celebration of the everyday, and it highlights the absurdity of human existence in the wider context of an ever-changing world. 


The End is on at Summerhall – Bruford

At 11:30 until 25th August

Book tickets here


Image: Richard Perryman


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