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The Fortune Teller of fashion: Alexa Chung’s 2020 fashion forecast

Alexa Chung has been a model, a TV presenter, fashion writer and all- round “IT” girl for years now. Chung also launched her brand ‘ALEXA CHUNG” in May 2017. She is funny, eccentric, relatable and seems like the perfect person to go for a few drinks with.

She recently launched a YouTube channel where she shares footage of her experiments with cooking, dating, makeup and fashion. Her latest video was a humorous, yet informative saga on the fashion trends that are coming our way in 2020. She addresses her global audience with a map of the world placed behind her as she places little stickers on the map, each corresponding to a particular trend.

All information comes from her analytics team AKA ‘a guy called Adam’ in the office. And in Adam we trust…? So, let’s break them down.

Cycling shorts: Said to have originated in France of course. This trend had exploded on Instagram street style shots. The trend seems to have cycled back (sorry) from the famous paparazzi shots of Lady Diana, with the oversized Harvard sweatshirt, chunky sneakers, tube socks and the big sunglasses. Current celebrities include Emrata, who often walks her adorable German Shepherd in these, the Kardashians and the Hadid sisters. You can also make it classy like Posh Spice seems to do ever so naturally and wear them with a turtleneck, fitted blazer and platform heels. If only 11-year-old me knew I could do this.

Like functions on the gram: The ‘number of likes’ function on Insta has recently dissapeared, but how does this effect trends? Instagram has become a platform for the emergence of trends and the most liked outfit of the day picture becomes the trend. It is going to be very interesting to see how trends are going to emerge now. Are we all going to clone ourselves or begin to look starkingly different?

Faux Fur: Fur coats are decadent and chic but they are a dark outcome of animal cruelty. It is time to be an empathetic and conscious consumer. This trend is from Switzerland and is looking to be soon adopted around the world.

Technology: technology and fashion are coming together to save the world. From our last trend, which protects minks, we move to transforming mushrooms into vegan leather. Siberia is the HQ of this innovation. In a while your favourite handbag or knee high boots could be made with the same ingredients as a soup and at a fraction of the price of our fashionable faves.

Athleisure: Probably the most confusing and complex trend to grasp and master. This trend changed American fashion and led to the manifestation of cool girls in ‘Lululemons’. Gym is not a lifestyle flex anymore. I see a lot of people at university attending classes in their leggings but its time for the leggings to go into the bag and for the jeans to go on the legs.

Oversized bags: Speaking of keeping leggings in a bag, how do we fit them into our trendy tiny bags? Well in 2020 we bid goodbye to Jacquemus’s “le chiquito” and say hi to Bottega Venetta’s “le grande’. You can fulfil all of your practically Mary Poppins dreams, finally.

Wrap around shades: Ireland is stepping up with one of its best exports- Bono! They wrap around the entire circumference of your eye area to the point where no one can tell if you are giving them the side eye which is great for everyday or those ‘blocking out the haters’ days.
It’s up to you whether you want to truly hide those hungover eye bags.

Perms: Think Bob Ross, because Alexa says “bigger the hair, the closer you are to God”. This could be the boldest decision you make, ever. Just remember, the first cardinal rule of getting a perm is that it is ‘forbidden’ to wet your hair 24 hours after getting it to avoid the risk of deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate. Come on Chutney!

Tucked in boots: A Spanish riding school in Vienna is said to have birthed this high-class trend. The trend made its mark during fashion week season with editors tucking their boots into trousers. Your boot of choide could be anything from 80s soft boots or Mossy’s ultra-skinny jeans with knee high boots, could be flares with cowboy boots, the options are endless

Corsets: 1886 was a year when the lower lobes of your lungs had to really work hard to ensure you’d get oxygen to your brain. Also, the early 2000s with Paris Hilton, LiLo, Britney and Taylor Swift who explicitly said “it was a phase, yeah”. These tight-fit trends are coming back, so breathe while you can.

Pigtails: Said to be Greta Thunberg’s ‘activism chic’, this was more of a political dig in Alexa’s video, but we will go with it. Pippi Longstocking, the Queen of Pigtails, is back big time. Think messy, wavy hair put into loose pigtails and consider some serious Baby Spice vibes. Jazz it up with scrunchies, hairbands and ribbons.

Let’s just say the 2020 Fashion Forecast is looking much less problematic than the Weather Forecast. We got this, thanks Alexa!

Image Credit: CCO Public Domain via Pxhere