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The Japanese House shares disappointing track, ‘Maybe You’re The Reason’

ByAlex Kintrea

Feb 15, 2019
The Japanese House

The Japanese House issues another drab track in a long line of disappointments during the run-up to her debut album. Amber Bain, the one-woman indie staple behind this electro-pop project, continues to dilute the dreamy synth sounds which were established on her previous EPs, resulting in an unexciting and overly radio-safe single which is trying a little too hard to be like Beach House.

From the predictable plunks of the guitar to the passionless drones of the vocals, ‘Maybe You’re The Reason’ drags like a car in gridlock. This kind of slow synth style should lend itself to deep lyrical performances. Bain, however, fills the void with lines which might as well have been pulled from a random selection of UK Top 40 songs. It’s dry, it’s emotionless, and it certainly doesn’t bode well for the upcoming record Good At Falling, due to drop in March.

Image: Justin Higuchi via Wikimedia Commons

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