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The Jive Aces: Swingin’ the Fringe

ByAthina Frantzana

Aug 17, 2018

The annual rendez-vous with the Jive Aces at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is once again successful. The long queue outside the venue makes it clear that the happy colourful band has found their audience, who don’t mind waiting on a busy street, on a week day to listen to their favourite songs. As always, the band make a dynamic entrance, wearing their yellow trousers and filling the stage with energy. Even though the shape and sound of the new venue is not ideal, the experienced and talented musicians manage to generate a professional and accomplished result.

After one song and a sip of tea, the band are joined on stage by five beautiful ladies – three singers and two dancers – in retro dresses, the Satin Dollz. As with previous shows, the Jive Aces like to be accompanied by other talented singers or musicians to create a more complete show with male and female vocals and a compilation of songs from their broader music spectrum, as well as some dancing and humorous acts. This year the one-hour show is almost divided in half between the Jive Aces and their guests and it might be a little bit disappointing for the Jive Aces fans, who do not have the chance to enjoy as many of their favourite songs and covers by the headliners themselves.

However, the Satin Dollz’ performance is not at all disappointing. The incredibly fast singing skills of Bella when she performs I want you to be my baby are amazing and definitely one of the things to take away from the night. The idea of having dancers on stage is also a good one, but beyond doubt watching the Jive Aces’ frontman Ian walking around and dancing with the audience is much more enjoyable. The baritone saxophone played by the impressive lady in the tartan dress, Lottie B, is also a great addition to the show and nicely transforms the all-male instrument players’ image.

Overall, the show is fun with a good selection of songs. Other moments to remember definitely include the entrance in the show of Ian’s yellow ukulele, which symbolises the band’s viral video of the song Bring me sunshine (an absolute fan favourite!). Then there is the boogie woogie and classical music combo played on the piano by the super-talented “Professor”, the fantastic saxophone and trombone solos, as well as Ian’s acting skills during Louis Prima’s Just a Gigolo performance. The drummer’s solo and the drumsticks tricks at Sing, sing, sing at the finale are the cherry on the cake.

If you are a great fan of swing, jive and oldies, if you want to dance, laugh and forget your troubles for a moment, the crazy energy of the Jive Aces can certainly whisk you away to a different era and tempt you to Jump, Jive and Wail out of happiness and joy!


The Jive Aces: Swingin’ the Fringe

Assembly Checkpoint (Venue 322)

Run ended

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Image: The Jive Aces

By Athina Frantzana

PhD Candidate on Gender Equality in STEM, Researcher/Writer/Reviewer. Topics: equality, diversity & inclusion, women's rights, feminism, and science.

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