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The launch of Fenty Beauty is a well-needed breakthrough

ByAdélaïde Malavaud

Oct 2, 2017

As you may already know, it’s been over a week since Rihanna launched her own make up brand ‘Fenty Beauty’, in more than 15 countries. Since then, world of beauty hasn’t stopped talking about the artist’s new products. The beauty industry’s infamous failure to recognise a wide range of skin tones had left a gap in the market for consumers with very fair or very dark complexions. Rihanna wanted to be the voice for all the customers whose needs were not being met, by an industry which was continuously refusing to listen. Through this failure, Fenty Beauty was born. The brand was initially announced in 2016 and is composed of foundations, highlighters, blushers and lip-glosses.

Rihanna explained her main goal in creating Fenty Beauty was to produce an inclusive beauty range for all skin tones, saying: “I wanted things that I love, then I also wanted things that girls of all skin tones could fall in love with”. With many of the most popular make up brands producing significantly fewer shades than Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty as well as failing to create adverts which show people of all skin types, many people felt unrepresented.  However, in creating a total of 40 different shades of foundation Rihanna has transformed the industry, creating a brand which caters to every skin tone.

Beauty influencers from all around the world have emphasised that foundation can be one of the most difficult cosmetics to produce in the beauty industry, highlighting the need to ensure that foundations for darker skin tones do not appear ‘orange or ashy’. However, Rihanna’s revolutionary new range has not only provided for people with darker skin tones but also those with very pale skin. Fenty Beauty’s diverse shade range has proven to be an undeniable success as women with albinism praise the new line.

Additionally, what is striking in this collection is the quality of the products. The Fenty Beauty brand is produced by the Kendo division of LVMH, which is famous for producing Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs Beauty items.

The launch of this new brand is not only a great achievement because it has created a range of products which previously did not exist, it also stands as an example for all other make up brands, showing that make up should be enjoyed by all, regardless of skin type. Riri not only revealed her versatility to succeed outside her career as a musician, she also highlighted to the make-up industry that if they didn’t want to democratise make up she would do it for them.

All in all, Rihanna’s main goal was to create a new generation of beauty with a wide variety of shades, colours, undertones, textures and finishes and she has certainly succeeded.

image: Free-photos via pixabay

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