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The Mountain Goats miss the mark with latest single ‘Younger’

ByJason Woods

Feb 19, 2019

Younger’s six-minute runtime entirely defies the expectations indie rock mainstays The Mountain Goats have crafted thus far. So too does the tracks more expansive and fleshed out sound, the antithesis of their 2017 album Goths. Given the nature of their upcoming album: In League With Dragons, apparently half rock, album half Dungeons & Dragons campaign, it would make sense to diverge from the norm. Yet, this switch to high fantasy doesn’t necessarily land for the band, whose verbose references to classical mythology don’t quite resonate with the listener the same way the more heartfelt, reality-rooted ballads earlier in their discography do.

The abandonment of the guitar-less rock previous on their prior album is welcome but often the fullness of the track makes it sound cluttered, with guitar sax and piano fighting to be heard amongst the clutter. The atmosphere of some sort of high fantasy battle is captured but ultimately the track remains entirely forgettable.

Image: Visions of Domino via Wikimedia Commons

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