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The New Year Slump – don’t let it getchya

ByMeredith Bailey

Jan 19, 2020
The post-Christmas/New Year lull can feel disheartening. The now wilted crown from your Christmas cracker has seen better days and no amount of cranberry sauce can recreate the taste of your Christmas dinner.
It can feel deflating to think about the looming anticipation of a new wave of deadlines and 9AMs. Not to fear, there are many ways to overcome this slump without the use of witchcraft.
– Rekindle last semester’s friendships by hosting a dessert night. Grab some pals, grab some spoons and chew the fat (& sugar). It’s time to get pot-lucky. And if you’re feeling really gastronomic, get your friends round and bake something. With the new series of Charity Bake Off around the corner it’s important to remind yourself of who can help get you Theroux this semester.
– The Dolce Vita not for you, have a game’s night instead. Maybe take a pass on the Monopoly if you’re hoping to have a stress-free evening though.
– As well as relaxation being key for casting away the New Year’s slump, the benefits of exercise are no secret. Getting out doesn’t have to feel as energetic as it sounds. Get chatting with a friend and do something together. It can be as simple as walking round the meadows and squirrel spotting. In the immortal words of Nike, ‘Just Do It’.
– ‘Blue Monday’ falls on the 20th January. This gloomy day’s namesake stems from a mixture of post-Christmas melancholy, cold nights and the arrival of credit card bills. Any one of these is tough to handle individually let alone this terrible trio. Samaritans’ charity is campaigning to lift the bleakness from this day and rename it ‘Brew Monday’.
You can sign up online for a free fundraising kit to help the charity continue answer phone calls nationwide from many of the country’s most vulnerable people. A cuppa is a great way to bring people together. So put the kettle on and spill the tea!
It turns out New Year’s slump need not be entirely doom and gloom after all. If you’re still struggling for ideas get creative. But if you really can’t let go of the holiday season then you might care to join me on my quest to nationalise cranberry sauce.
Image credit: Pexels via Pixabay