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The Perfect Autumnal Day

ByIsabelle Brower

Oct 2, 2023
a winding path between some leafless trees leads the eye to the low-hanging sun in a clouded sky.

Let’s begin by saying I am an autumn fanatic. I’m one of those people who is sick of summer after only a month and can’t handle the heat when it get’s above 22 degrees. I get so excited for the anticipation of colder weather, autumn fashion, leaves changing and most importantly everything pumpkin spice. So what do I do with all this joy and love for autumn? I make useless lists about autumnal activities I want to do and therefore who better to plan a perfect autumnal day. 

I would start off with a crisp morning walk in the meadows, careful to purposely step on crunchy leaves in order to get the full autumn experience. For the full effect it must be a cold but sunny day so that you can wrap up in a scarf and gloves without sweating as you walk because this would ruin the mood immediately. For extra autumnal fun on your walk, you could get a luxury coffee or hot chocolate from Uplands Roast to enjoy as you walk or as you people watch from a bench. If you feel up to waking up early then I recommend this wholeheartedly as the Meadows is quieter and the morning is more crisp but I also understand when you have a free day getting up early is not high on the to do list.

Next up in our autumnal day, we are heading to a café to read. If you can’t afford to have a work free day don’t worry because doing work in a café is just as aesthetic. You can emanate Rory Gilmore and pretend you are studying in Luke’s. For autumnal café recommendations I personally love August 21, Coffee Lounge and Pleasance (especially for a cheaper option). Once you have settled in your cosy café it is imperative that you order a pumpkin spice latte, or any coffee with pumpkin spice syrup if you aren’t a fan of so much milk. If you want to level up your autumnal café experience then order a pastry, my personal favourite is a cinnamon swirl, and really savour the crunch and sugar coating your lips.

If you are wanting to see friends on this day then this would be a good time to head to the pub for an afternoon pint, even better if you are sitting outside. Of course wrapped up in gloves and scarfs, I also love to add leg warmers to any outfit involving a skirt in autumn. I would recommend Pear Tree for a nice outside drink but also Dagda is a very cosy pub if it’s getting a bit too chilly.

However if you are having a solo day then it’s time to head home and light an autumn candle to create the perfect aura as you lay in bed to read your book of choice. If you want an autumnal book then I recommend The Haunting of Hill House which, contrary to popular belief, even though the tv show is scary, the book is not. It is creepy in places but this very much adds to the autumnal vibe. I also recommend If We Were Villains which is dark academia vibes and also happens to be my favourite book. It is very gripping and trust me when I say you won’t want to put it down as soon as you start it. 

Finally it’s time to end your night with a comforting autumnal film or tv show. Obviously there’s Gilmore Girls, Twilight, Harry Potter, When Harry met Sally or Coraline. Some other recommendations are: Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Fantastic Mr Fox, St Elmo’s Fire and lastly Mystic Pizza.

Finally what could be better than heading to bed early after a relaxing and fulfilling autumnal day. I feel autumnal days and activities really play into the importance of the smaller joys in life. I get excited by a cold but sunny day, by watching the changing leaves or by simply being able to enjoy tea without sweating. I also have always felt as though there is a lot of pressure in summer to travel lots and make the most of being outside whereas autumn has a quiet sort of fulfilment. It makes me want to embrace quality time with myself and I hope my autumnal day has inspired you to want to do the same. 

Image Credit – Isabelle Brower