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The Scottish Government releases plans to rejoin the EU

ByJess Clark

Dec 5, 2023

The Scottish Government has released its plans to rejoin the European Union in the event of Scottish Independence. 

In a recent paper titled, “Building a New Scotland: An Independent Scotland in the European Union” and is the seventh paper in the “Building a New Scotland” series. 

The Scottish Government believes that membership to the European Union is crucial for the social, political and economic future of an independent Scotland. 

The paper sets out the ways in which Scotland could benefit from rejoining the European Union, as well as what an independent Scotland could contribute. 

Arguments within the paper states that: “EU membership would mean Scottish citizens would be able to enjoy more product choice at the best prices”

The paper also makes it clear that it would rejoin the Erasmus scheme, which would allow students at UK universities the chance to easily study outside the UK. 

The report also stated that, to the EU, Scotland can offer natural resources and ready cooperation in the accession process. 

Angus Roberston, the Constitution Cabinet Secretary in the Scottish Government, said that Scotland would be able to rejoin the European Union “smoothly and quickly,” whilst acknowledging that the ascension process could still be lengthy. 

However, Constitution spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives Donald Cameron said that plans for the European Union may lead to a hard border with England, and the policy paper has raised more questions than it answered. 

With SNP and Scottish Labour running close in the polls, it is unclear whether independence plans will remain part of the agenda in the coming years. 

The European Union flag in the European Parliament in Strasbourg” by European Parliament is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.