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The Short Rant: The library is too hot

ByAlfie Shaw

Oct 30, 2022

The winter is closing in upon us, yet it is not the dark nights or the abrasive weather that I fear. Over the years one builds up an arsenal to deal with such conventional miseries. No, my real fear is the manufactured winter heat, and in no place is this more pronounced than in the post-modern, prosaic structure which sits at the heart of our campus. The library. 

As soon as one steps through the bleeping gates, the vitiating effect sets in as you exchange the sharp outdoors for the somniferous, synthetic warmth of the ground floor atrium. Upon reaching a free desk, no mean feat if you arrive after 10 am, anyone with a perspiration system fit for purpose will wonder why they have ever bothered with jumpers and swear to never wear one again.

After such semi-delirious digressions, the reality of work will re-assert itself but the clamminess of your hands will make any necessary process such as typing simply impossible. By this point, you wonder how anyone in the Sahel region has ever got any work done.

Brow beaten and parched from your tropical ordeal, you stumble back through the familiar turnstile, rejuvenated by the coolness of the natural winter which lifts you out of your heat induced perplexity. Regaining control of your critical faculties, you wonder why you bothered in the first place.

University of Edinburgh Main Library” by oosp is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.