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The Short Rant: The struggle of wide-leg jeans

ByAbigail King

Nov 3, 2022

I’m sitting in Church. It’s a reflective service. People are praying, people are reflecting. The girl next to me? She’s silently, clumsily, wringing out the hems of her baggy jeans. She mouths an apology, stifling a giggle. But there is no apology necessary: as a fellow ‘Edi-girlie’, I too know the pain of trekking through rain and street grime in baggy jeans. And during these hard Winter months, we must show solidarity.

I am a recent convert to baggy jeans, for a long time I was a skinny-jeans-till-I-die person. But since my conversion I have quickly come to understand the poor plight of my Church neighbour. It’s a painful truth that long, wide-legged jeans are just not designed for Edinburgh weather.

White jeans, specifically, seem to be an Edinburgh staple – paired with a pret and a longchamps bag. But these are the worst offenders. They quickly show up the grime and mud they collect as they drag along wet pavements. Turn them up, you think. But then you still get the back splash from puddles and rain.

There is no way out but the admission that maybe, just maybe, this Edinburgh uniform isn’t designed for Edinburgh at all.

Blue Denim Jeans” by RetroWench is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

By Abigail King

Opinion Editor