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The social media accounts to follow to ensure a positive online experience

ByLydia Lowe

Oct 17, 2018

Social media is constantly in the firing line, and often rightly so, for the negative impact that it can often have on users. Social media is frequently inundated with images of celebrity lifestyles and people in general attempting to present their most perfect self.

In reality, social media is filled with images that so rarely convey any or all of the truth. If you begin to feel like your use of social media is starting to weigh you down and hinder your mental wellbeing, it may be time for a change. There are plenty of accounts that you can choose to follow which can be uplifting and inspirational and can make social media a positive and enjoyable place to connect and spend your time.  

Unspirational (Instagram: @unspirational; Twitter: @Unspirational)

With a satirical twist on the usual ‘inspirational’ quotes, this is the perfect account for people who find such quotes more cringy than comforting. Social media often needs a dose of reality and Unspirational is a wonderfully comedic way to remember that you’re not alone in your imperfections. It’s a nice message to pop up on your feed that it’s perfectly okay to not always be okay, it’s way more unusual if you always are!

Libero Magazine (Twitter: @libero_mag)

Libero Magazine‘s account, both on Twitter and Instagram, revolves around discussion involving mental health and offers information, resources and support for those with mental illnesses. The account epitomises the good that social media is capable of, by raising awareness about mental health through a supportive community of stories and experiences of their own. It’s an opportunity to educate yourself about mental health or to help others by telling and sharing your own story.

Dogs of Instagram (Instagram: @dogsofinstagram)

Everyone needs to follow at least one adorable animal account if you’re going to be a real social media pro. Look no further than Dogs of Instagram which guarantees a dose of furry cuteness will appear in your daily feed. Studies have shown the positive impact of animal interaction on mental health for short-term release and relaxation. With many students having to leave their pets behind at home, this can be a way to help to ease everyday stress and the lack of a fluffy companion. When you’re having a moment of stress, stare longingly at a picture of a puppy and feel your worries melt away. 

Beigecardigan (Instagram and Facebook: @beigecardigan)

Meme accounts are in abundance but this Instagram account brings together a hilarious selection of embarrassing stories, relatable jokes and bizarre pictures. Social media is a great way to escape when you need a break, as a five minute, okay twenty, break from essay writing or just something to make you smile after a long day, and this compilation of memes will do just the trick. 

Rupi Kaur (Instagram and Twitter: @rupikaur_)

An uplifting and inclusive account belonging to the poet Rupi Kaur, best known for her poetry and prose anthology Milk and Honey. On her account, she discusses currently pressing topics such as feminism and immigration, as well as sharing her accessible and relatable poetry. You can also find a Twitter account dedicated to posting her work (@RupiKaur_Poetry), often on themes of self-love, empowerment and body positivity, which provide the daily encouragement every social media timeline needs.

Image: Quote Catalogue via Flickr

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