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The Student Elections are back for 2023

ByNatalia Ellingham

Mar 6, 2023
Vote in the Student Elections 2023! Voting is open from 10am on 6 March to 5pm on 9 March. Click on this image to vote.

Cast your vote and ensure students like you have a voice at the University, and beyond!

This time last year, I was running in the Student Elections, aware that it was a key annual event but honestly, I was mostly too preoccupied with campaigning to properly understand the significance of it. Now, as a Sabbatical Officer and having worked with the Students’ Association for coming-up-to a year, I can confidently say that the Elections really are a brilliant way to have your say; I have worked with the Elected Representatives throughout my term – taking on board their feedback and using that to lobby the University and make change. It’s been invaluable for me to hear your ideas, questions and comments, and a privilege to be able to make a positive difference. The network of Elected Representatives helps make this possible, and it also means we have strong representation for our brilliantly diverse community at Edinburgh. If that wasn’t enough, your Representatives amplify your voice in conversations with senior staff and in strategic discussions, working to make sure students are at the heart of decision-making.

Whether you’re a new student or in your final year, an Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research student, engaging with the Student Elections is one of the best ways to get your voice heard on the issues that matter to you. From full-time Sabbatical Officers to School Representatives, Liberation Officers to Section Representatives, there are a wide range of roles that cover all aspects of student life and over 150 candidates standing for your vote.  [Even if you haven’t engaged with the Students’ Association before, or you’re not sure what it offers, now is the time to get involved and make the most of it!]

New for 2023 is the introduction of Student Opportunities and Campaign Representatives, replacing the previous Activities Representative roles. The Student Opportunities Representatives will support and develop our student groups, focusing on key issues like building participation, increasing inclusion, and ensuring groups are well-promoted and prioritising the wellbeing of their members. The Campaign Representatives are each running on an issue that’s important to them and impacts students at Edinburgh, so voting in this race is a great opportunity to ensure that the Students’ Association is focusing on what’s important to you. Campaigning started on 01 March and finishes when voting closes at 17:00 GMT on 09 March, so during that time, make sure to take a look at the candidates’ campaigns on social media, and have a chat with them when they’re out and about across campuses. For the Sabbatical Officer roles, you can also watch the Candidate Question Time videos, that the Students’ Association will be releasing daily, to hear about their plans to address hot topics and key issues. You can also see the Sabbatical Officer candidates’ key manifesto pledges summarised on the fencing banners around George Square, at King’s Buildings, Pollock Halls and Easter Bush, and find the full list of candidates in the news section of our website. This is a great time to get to know the candidates and decide which manifestos represent you and your views best.

Voting is open from 10:00 GMT on 06 March to 17:00 GMT on 09 March. All students can vote for campus-wide positions, and depending on your level of study, and which student communities you identify into, you may also have the opportunity to vote for other roles. When you vote, you’ll be asked to rank candidates, and every vote counts – particularly if a position is well-contested! Also, remember that candidates running uncontested are still running against re-open nominations (RON), so if you support their manifestos make sure to vote for them!

Don’t miss out on the chance to shape your student experience and our University community for the future!

Find out more here.

Natalia, Vice President Activities and Services 2022/23

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