The Student in conversation with Kate Nevens, Green candidate for Edinburgh South

Kate Nevens, Green candidate for Edinburgh South, spoke to The Student about how herself and other Green candidates are speaking to as many people as possible about the climate emergency so that people can use their votes for the Greens to demand climate action.

Nevens has visited doorsteps of people living in Edinburgh South, including students, European citizens, and long-term locals, to engage them in a discussion about the environment. She was pleased to see that “a lot of people care about the climate change and the environment” in Edinburgh.

Nevens also spoke about the importance of increasing diverse representation in politics, by having “more diverse people run for and being elected into decision-making positions.”

As a member of the Green Women’s Network, Nevens is strongly campaigning for “women and non-binary representation in politics.” She stated that “50% of Green Party candidates are women” and that she ran for a position herself as she was inspired by conversations with women across the world, including in the Middle East where she worked.

Stating that “there has never been a woman of colour in the Scottish parliament” and that “this needs to change,” she sad that she’s campaigning for an “intersectional approach” to diversity by involving those across many marginalised groups who are “excluded from and marginalised from politics.”

She informed The Student that the Scottish Green Party already does this. They have youth participation, such as having Ben Parker, an under 30 candidate, standing for Edinburgh South West. The Party is also encouraging LGBT people and people from low socioeconomic backgrounds to stand as candidates.

The Party has two councillors working at the Edinburgh Council running for elections, one of whom used to be homeless. This makes three women candidates, two councillor candidates and one under 30 candidates out of five who are running for the election.

She hopes that people use votes for the Scottish Greens to send a message that “we need the next government and the larger parties to be taking the climate emergency seriously”, that “climate crisis is a number one priority.” According to Nevens, the Greens supports People’s Vote on Brexit, and Scottish Independence, but sees them as distractions from the major issues around climate.

If she were to be elected, she wants to work with her Green colleagues and parties that “share this desire on tackling climate change”.

Personally, she would also be campaigning on asylum and immigration issues, so that the asylum system becomes more “humane and compassionate”,  allowing asylum seekers to work, get to Scotland safely, vote, and be reunited with their family members. She also feels strongly about transitioning jobs for people who are working in oil, fossil and fuel industries and arms manufacturing to jobs using renewable energy.

When asked how her policies will differ from those of other Edinburgh South candidates, she stated that the “Scottish Greens are stronger on commitments to climate than any other party”. Stating that Ian Murray, current MP for Edinburgh South, has “supported a third runway at Heathrow”, she continued that the Greens would want to ask him and other parties to be stronger on climate issues.

She believes that while change at an individual level isn’t to be dismissed, “change at a systematic and structural level is what’s needed to tackle the climate emergence” and that “changes in behaviours and attitudes that is required needs to come from the government and larger corporations”.


Image: Kate Nevens

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