• Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The Student Music Section’s Christmas Selects

Of course a year like this had to end with a fitting Christmas. It doesn’t have to be said how exhausting of a year 2020 has been, and unfortunately the chance to have a relaxing bookend to an otherwise forgettable year was snatched away from most of us (at least here in the UK). But as much as music will propel you to the best of times, it will also always be there for you in the worst of times, so even if we aren’t able to spend Christmas like we usually do, Christmas music is still here, and can be played over and over all the same. 

Growing up in Hong Kong, Christmas was never as big a deal for my family and I as for others, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t introduced to dazzling Christmas lights hung on the towering skylines, or sleigh bells blasting through shopping mall speaker systems. All of this is to say that Christmas is much more than just the holiday. It’s the feeling of warmth inside, the coming together of community or family, and especially this year, it’s the sense that things might be okay in the future, even if they’re a bit bleak right now. So whether you celebrate it or not, I sincerely wish everyone a very merry Christmas, a happy new year, and an extremely well-deserved holiday!  – Yu An Su, Music Editor

For many, the prospect of a cozy Christmas full of family and friends was a light at the end of the tunnel and a regenerating balm to soothe the hurts of the previous year. But with various Covid induced restrictions, many have been unable to connect with all the people they love. As a result, Christmas looks a little more low key this year as we settle down to spend it with a small family bubble or, for those unable to make it home, with flatmates and friends. If this is the case for you dear reader, it is time to hold on tighter to the people around you, and send love to those not with you in person through any means. 

Whether that be phone calls, facetime, or carrier pigeon. Write heartfelt messages in fountain pen and seal with wax if you see fit. Fill the envelopes with glitter and take comfort in the knowledge that your lucky correspondent will gaze at that now permanent shimmer in their carpet and think of you for months on end. Bake biscuits and leave them on your neighbor’s doorstep, but maybe hang around to ensure they find them before the wildlife does. I’m sure gingerbread makes the perfect hibernation ration for any little creature. The point is, feel the gratitude and warmth the holidays bring every year, just to a concentrated degree, among the few people you can. You may not be able to hug everyone you would like to, but hug the ones you can a little longer and tighter. – Ella Cockerill, Music Editor

All that said, The Student Music Section has cobbled together a playlist of all our favourite Christmas tracks, hopefully enough to last you through the eating and drinking. An eclectic mix of cozy classics with a dose of contemporary additions and refreshing renditions of some old favourites. By no means is this a definitive list, but they will definitely inject some Christmas cheer to your festivities, or if you ever just feel like you need some extra winter chimes on your playlist rotation. Merry Christmas!