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The Student’s guide to Upcoming TV

ByJames Hanton

Apr 27, 2019

This year promises to be one of great television. By now, the latest Game of Thrones season will have started and you may be battening down the hatches for that marathon experience, but there is plenty more to look forward to as well. Here is our guide on just some of the shows you will want to sit down in front of with a blanket and a hot cup of tea to let those lazy evenings sail away.

Good Omens (Release date: May 31): Amazon Prime are bringing in something of a dream fantasy blend with the adaptation of the novel by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett. Starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, this surreal-sounding escapade has everything it needs to find a sizable audience with serious wit and some sensational casting – including Frances McDormand as God, and Benedict Cumberbatch as the devil himself. Expect an aesthetic experience like few others when this one drops. Where to Watch: Amazon Prime.

Stranger Things (Release Date: July 4): One of the biggest Tv phenomenons of recent times returns for a third season, and we can expect even more mind-bending moments and mythical monstrosity. Who or what will emerge from the Upside Down is unknown, but some new characters are being thrown into the mix and all characters’ relationships will be tested like never before. Joyce and Hopper may also finally become an item, and some familiar faces will be returning after some time away. The latest season is guaranteed to leave you in a wonderful daze and wanting more from this creative universe. Where to Watch: Netflix.

Bojack Horseman (Release date; TBC): When Indiewire name your production the best animated show in history, you do not simply cancel after five great seasons. Will Arnett will be returning as the titular Bojack Horseman, who at the end of the last season checked himself into rehab to try and finally kick his destructive habits. You can try and predict storylines, but Bojack Horseman’s greatest strength has been its zany unpredictability, so it might be better to take it as it comes. No release date has been confirmed, but all of the previous seasons have arrived at any point between late July and early September, so in just a couple of months we may see how it works out for the former star of Horsin’ Around. Where to Watch: Netflix.

The Mandalorian (Release Date: TBC): With the roll out of Disney’s new streaming service confirmed for later in the year, the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian will be front and centre for Disney+ when it is made available for UK users. Following a lone bounty hunter, The Mandalorian is set between Return of the Jedi (1983) and the Force Awakens (2015). It features a diverse list of creatives and collaborators, including Rick Famuyiwa – the first non-caucasian Star Wars director. All eyes will be on a galaxy far, far away when Star Wars makes the jump to the small screen. Where to Watch: Disney+ Noughts & Crosses (Release Date: TBC): An adaptation of the first book in Malorie Blackman’s series of the same name filming began for six hourlong episodes late last year. Set in the same world, where the “Noughts” rule over the “Crosses,” the series stars Peaky Blinders’ Jack Rowan as Callum and Masali Baduza as Sephy. While there is no word yet of a confirmed release date, this could be nicely set up for an autumn time release – just in time for the start of the new semester! Expect politics, dystopia and serious style when this is finally released. Where to Watch: BBC.

Image from Rene Asmussen via Pexels

By James Hanton

James is a former editor-in-chief having  been TV & Radio Editor before that, and has contributed over 100 articles to the newspaper. He won a Best Article Award in December 2016 for his feature about Universal Monsters in the film section, and also writes for Starburst Magazine UK and The National Student. James was part of The Student‘s review team for the 2017 & 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He can be reached at: jhantonwriter@gmail.com

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